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Physician Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in medical practice opportunities at Glazier Medical Centre. The physicians at our mixed family/multi-specialty group have been providing care to Oshawa and the Durham region for over fifty years. Currently we have almost thirty partners and associates.

Our recently renovated building is a pleasure to work in. Our moderate size allows easy interaction with other physicians and ready consultation with specialists. Flexible work hours, a busy urgent care, a very congenial physician group and an excellent practice management team make for a varied and enjoyable medical environment.

The office space is bright, modern and equipped with all your medical needs. The building is fully EMR capable with connectivity to Lakeridge Health Hospital Network. The turn-key operation makes practising at our centre enjoyable and relaxing.

Our EMR computerized medical records system will simplify your medical record keeping immensely and make short work of time-consuming paperwork. We are one of the few offices that truly are paperless in our record keeping. Desktop access to Lakeridge Health, our local hospital, is quick and easy. For those days when you are unable to complete your review of lab and x-ray results at the office, access from your home over the internet is available.

In addition to our physician complement, our patients also benefit from our onsite diagnostic imaging department, cardiac assessment centre, physiotherapy, chiropody plus optometry, pharmacy and dental offices.

Family Practice Opportunities:

Glazier Medical Centre can offer family practice opportunities as a participant in our Family Health Organization. The FHO offers physicians a Blended Capitation Model. Capitation is based on a defined basket of primary care services provided to enrolled patients based on their demographics. Fee for service is paid for other services. In addition, physicians receive monthly comprehensive care capitation payment for enrolled patients, rostering fees and other bonuses and premiums. Physicians can also earn FFS for work done outside of the FHO. New graduates will qualify for an income stabilization salary that will pay salary for one year while their practice and roster are being established should they choose to use this option. Please contact us for more information regarding fringe benefits offered to the family practioners. 

Return of Service Program

Oshawa is a designated under-serviced area. As such, we are eligible for the ministry’s return of service program. The ROS Program enables certain Ontario communities to recruit Canadian graduates and international medical graduates (who received medical training outside Canada) who have to fulfill return of service (ROS) commitments. Under ROS commitments, physicians agree to work for a designated period of time in a particular location in exchange for a postgraduate training opportunity in Ontario.

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Specialists Opportunities

Glazier Medical Centre is primarily served by Lakeridge Health, one of the largest community hospitals in Ontario. On average, Lakeridge Health’s three acute hospitals, one specialty hospital and various off site locations manage over 540 inpatient beds and deliver care to approximately 1,600 people each day. The needs of these patients are met by the expertise, energy and commitment of the physicians in the community.

Glazier Medical Centre, with a strong family physician referral base provides an excellent opportunity for specialist to practice.

To arrange a tour of our facility or obtain additional information please contact

E. McLelland, MD CCFP

D. Barker, MD CCFP



Fotini Mainville, CPA, CA
Business Administrator
Glazier Medical Centre

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