Glazier Medical Centre

The information provided in this section is for information and education purposes only. The links, especially health resources, are not intended to replace the medical advice or treatments by a physician or other healthcare provider.

Medical Resources
Alzheimer’s Society of Canada. Excellent Patient and Caregiver info site.
Asthma awareness
Site for the Heart and stroke Foundation – Good diet
Canadian Diabetes Association.
Diabetic management and information site from Dr.Blummer
Information related to screening newborns
Osteoporosis Society of Canada. Patient info and physician guidelines.
Excellent info and contact numbers for pregnant Moms.
Ontario’s Maternal, Newborn, and Child Development Resource Centre
Information for patients with prostate concerns or disease
Excellent general inform on contraception and STIs

Community Resources

City of Oshawa

Durham Region

Lakeridge Health ( local hospital network) 

Information Durham Blue Book